Blood Pressure Pro
Product Name:
Blood Pressure Pro

Blood Pressure monitor and logging app.  Charts daily BP
readings. Email readings to physician. Hypertension Monitoring.
Used by physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, medical students,
nursing students and more

Features and

Blood Pressure Pro will help the user to get the most out of
pressure monitoring. Checking your blood pressure is a crucial
part of managing blood pressure. BP Watch will help user keep
tracking blood pressure in familiar settings. BP Watch is a
straightforward app with a clean interface to track your Blood
Record your blood pressure based on your need. Take your
doctor's opinion about the frequency of blood pressure
monitoring. BP Watch has an easy to use interface to record
your blood pressure. "BP Watch" allows the user to record your
systolic (High value), diastolic (Low value) and pulse. It also
captures the posture, position and time of the blood pressure.
Plus sign in the home screen will allow a user to record new
blood pressure reading. Track icon in the home screen will
allow user review your historical blood pressure record. List
view will allow a user to update or delete a record.