OneNote ExpressEMR 2011
Product Name:
OneNote ExpressEMR 2011

The abletFactory is pleased to announce the
release of its latest product, OneNote
ExpressEMR 2011.  Following the release of
previous Toolkits, this product supports the new
Microsoft OneNote 2007.  A new graphical user
interface (GUI) and faster operation make this
version the one to purchase.  Also included is
the new Microsoft Ribbon Control.  An easier and
discoverable way to do your tasks.  The
abletFactory will assist in importing your custom
forms and templates.

Includes EMR Toolkit

Includes EMR SOAP Toolkit

Includes eScript Toolkit


Streamline patient visits
Better patient communication
Increase the accuracy of documentation
Improves medication management
Enhance patient care
Reduce transcription costs
Reduces chart pulls
Reduce pharmacy callbacks
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